A Successful Visit to Austin, TX

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the Austin ASHRAE chapter. This group meets at the local Dave & Busters – who knew D&B has locations outfitted with a stage, A/V, and tables for meetings such as this one?

After a short group discussion on women in engineering, we got to the meat of the presentation: time management. In the building construction industry, there’s always another problem to resolve or obstacle to overcome. That daily fire-fighting can make it difficult to stay focused on bigger projects that require deeper focus. In my presentation, I shared tips for getting focused, prioritizing your work, and then making it happen.

I just received feedback from the attendees at my session, and here’s what they had to say:

“Great topics and ideas to increase my efficiency”

“Really enjoyed engaging with the material”

“Wish we had more time to cover in greater depth/breadth. The irony.” (I loved this one!)

And…100% of those surveyed would recommend this speaker to another group.

Special thanks to the organizers at the chapter for easy-breezy logistics. This group of volunteers knows how to run things like a well-oiled machine! Great work!