Arkansas Hospitality

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at two ASHRAE chapters in Arkansas: the Central Arkansas Chapter in Little Rock, and the newly-formed Northwest Arkansas Chapter in Fayetteville.

This was my first time in Arkansas, and I’m happy to report I had a wonderful visit. Drew and Steve from Little Rock really laid the Arkansas hospitality on thick. I was very well taken care of during my time there. I was even able to grab dinner with volunteers from both chapters at local favorite, Marketplace.

During this trip, I had the opportunity to share how we can all make a difference in how our industry is perceived. HVAC has a pretty distinct spot in the average person’s brain. Nowhere, to be exact. It’s high time we change that! Here’s one small step you can take today: start telling your friends and family about your why (see: Simon Sinek’s explanation.)

The more we share, the more people will understand: HVAC engineers make a difference!